Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Tough Trike


- Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
- Tough enough for years of fun with all the features you look for in a first trike
- Great Thomas and Friends styling
- Kid friendly features: a wide, stable wheel base, easy-grip handlebars and big foot pedals
- Kids can ride smoothly with its comfort-ride seat, also lifts to reveal a secret storage compartment
- Durable tires with rugged treads for "off-road" fun

Customer Reviews

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Great trike!

This is the second time I have purchased this tricycle. I run a daycare, and this is one of the kids' favorite things to ride. Since it's kept outside I didn't put the stickers on (since they'll be ruined by the sun), but it still looks nice. It's easy to assemble, the directions are very clear, and it's a solid little trike. It gets ridden by multiple kids (ages 2 and 3) every day, and it has held up great. The only thing that comes off sometimes is the orange seat, since it opens up on a hinge. The kids tend to open it too roughly to put things in the hole under the seat, and when they do this sometimes the seat comes off. They can't reattach it themselves, but it's easy enough for me to do. I highly recommend this tricycle for kids aged 2-3.

Good product but MUCH bigger size than anticipated

Took about 30 minutes to assemble and feels like it's built well but it's WAY too big for my 2-year-old girl. We will probably have to wait at least another year before she's big enough to reach the pedals even (about 6-8" on each side just to reach the pedals). Your child will probably need around at least 20" inseam to reach the pedals (possibly more). It was MUCH bigger than I anticipated, but still happy with the purchase. Great price and looks durable.I was looking for my 2-year-olds first ride-on toy when buying this and I HATE that it's so big because she fell in love with it as soon as she saw it and I showed her how to swing her leg over the seat to climb on before realizing that it was way too long to reach. My child is exactly at the size the pediatrician's office says is exactly where she should be, so it's not that she's small for her age.The seat doesn't sit flat/flush with the gas tank area as expected but this shouldn't be an issue and may even make it easier for my child to grab the seat to lift it up for storing toys inside. It's also worth noting that the handlebars are really really wide, so much that my child was grabbing the crossbar to try to steer because they were so wide.I've included some pictures with a tape measure for scale. Wish manufacturers would do this so we could find out before buying!

Too big for a toddler

Should've listened to the other reviewers. You would think this bike is for a 2 year old.. But it's way too long & my 36" tall 2 year old son can't reach the pedals! My 42" tall 4 year old daughter barely does but prefers her bicycle over it. Not sure what age they are trying to target?

2yrs will love it

Great 2nd Birthday present my son loves it and rides it every day. Easy to assemble and came on time.

Threw it in the trash and paid good money for a real tricycle

it was a nightmare to put together. Its cheap plastic. It doesn't even work right.Threw it in the trash and paid good money for a real tricycle.what a waste of 2 hours.

She rides it everywhere

This thing is awesome. My little girl rides it everywhere including to the table to eat. This is literally her favorite toy. Also its really shocking how many toys fit under the seat area.

A little big

After reading the descriptions of how many people said their two year old fit on this I decided I would risk it and buy it. My son is 2 years old and 36 inches tall and he can not reach the pedals all the way through the cycle. I would say that another three to four months maybe 38 inches tall this would be perfect for him and that is all the way at the front of the seat. Otherwise this is a very sturdy looking product and will probably last a while

He can easily turn it and navigate along my patio and sidewalk

I bought this for my 2 1/2 yr. old grandson, and he loves it! He cannot reach the peddles yet, but he can scoot all over on it, forward and backward. He loves placing his little toys and stuffed animals in the storage compartment under the seat. He makes "vroom vroom" sounds as he scoots forward on it. He can easily turn it and navigate along my patio and sidewalk. We have turf rather than grass and it's a little more difficult to move on this surface, but in time he will get stronger and be able to do it on the turf as well. It's well made and well worth the money! It was a little difficult to snap the plastic parts together, but persistence pays off and it won't fall apart!